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Unity in Diversity Cities


Unity in Diversity Cities aims to support cities in building an intercultural-inclusive and sustainable society. The program proposes that ownership in the process is established at the city level, and engages public & private sectors, education, religion/faith, sport, youth and media.


Earmarked as a primary tool for building respect and friendship among the global community, Unity in Diversity Cities proposes:

  • providing support for all cultural and ethnic groups to preserve and maintain their cultural identities, language and heritage
  • building cultural museums
  • establishing cultural festivals (fashion, song and dance)
  • representation by cultural groups and their participation at the city level
  • scheduled consultations by the city to support ethnic integration - without assimilation
  • a tool to foster the impact of every culture on the development of mainstream society


Additional features may be developed in conjunction with each city, UN Alliance of Civilizations, academic and research institutes, public and private sectors, religion/faith and civil society.

The program aims to raise awareness, particularly among the national population who exist as a majority, that diversity is not a threat against jobs or land, but a major benefit for all of society.

For more information,
Contact: Global Dialogue Foundation

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

“Migrants or minorities become easy scapegoats for job losses or lower wages. Yet, the facts paint a different picture. Migrants tend to complement, rather than displace, national workers. They generate additional demand. They often perform jobs that nationals do not want, even in times of economic crisis.”

Inter-Ethnic Cities Conference, Rome 1 June 2011